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Women of Substance & Crack Clouds Over Hell's Kitchen

Woman of Substance looks beyond the statistics to reveal the human and social problems encountered by pregnant and parenting addicts seeking treatment. Women of Substance features women addicts seeking treatment, recovering in model programs and serving prison sentences for being addicted to drugs while pregnant. Their personal stories reveal the severity of our health care crisis. Produced by Rory Kennedy and Robin Smith (Washington, DC). In Crack Clouds Over Hell's Kitchen by Educational Video Center students visit a park in New York City's infamous "Hell's Kitchen" neighborhood. While there, the students speak with crack addicts consumed by the vicious cycle of addiction and crime. Often chilling in its candor, this program is a powerful portrait of people on the city streets. The video has received various national and international awards, and was featured on Survival Stories: Growing Up "Down and Out with Barbara Walter's". Produced by Educational Video Center (NY, NY)

Run time 28:00
Audio/Visual sound, color


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on 2/22/2006